Mommy Talks

For Alex on her 14th birthday

The blueberry streusel cake is in the oven and, in two hours, Alex’s classmates will be arriving to kill two birds with one stone — do an ecology project and celebrate her birthday. The chicken had been marinated and the pasta just needs a cheesy topping before going into the oven when the cake is done.

I’ve been cooking all morning but the weather’s comfortable and I don’t feel the way I do in the summer after several hours in the kitchen.

The rear garden had been cleaned and prepared and we’re laying out the tables and chairs in a while.

No threat of rain. The sun is shining but not harshly. It’s going to be a beautiful afternoon. Alx and her black Macbook

Happy birthday, baby bunso. You may have arrived last but we don’t love you less. Enjoy your new toy to the max. :)

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