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Food gifts you can give this holiday season: Such Anghang Suka! by MISISPI bbq-hot-vinegar

Food is becoming more and more popular for holiday gift giving. I guess chocolates will remain number one (who doesn’t love chocolates?) with cookies and pastries a close second, but artisanal food products are fast becoming the rage. This year, I received a bottle of spiced vinegar from a friend who, during the party where we had the “exchange gift”, told us the vinegar was made by her sister-in-law.

Personally, I’m not crazy about vinegar, and I have a low tolerance for chilis. But Speedy, Sam and Alex love their vinegar and their chilis. It’s not unusual to have three to four varieties of vinegar in the kitchen, and we have chili in various forms — flaked and dried, in bottles (Sriracha and Tabasco) and in jars (the ones I use for cooking).

Comes now this Such Anghang Suka! by MISISPI (I giggled when I first read the label after taking the bottle out of its box) which is just the right blend for me. The vinegar is not too pungent nor too acidic to scorch my throat, and the heat is just right. bbq-hot-vinegar3

Last night, Speedy bought pork ears barbecue and, instead of dipping the golden fatty morsels in the vinegar that they came with, we opened the bottle Such Anghang Suka! And… bbq-hot-vinegar2

Speedy was sipping the vinegar off a teaspoon. It’s that good, it’s that mild, it is that perfectly seasoned and blended.

I Googled “Such Anghang Suka!” and discovered the MISISPI website and Facebook page where all the information about the product may be found including where to buy Such Anghang Suka! bbq-hot-vinegar4

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