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Food bag clips bag-sealer

Whenever we’d open a bag of food stuff and we couldn’t use or eat all of the contents, we’d keep the excess fresh by transferring it into either a resealable bag or a plastic container with a tight lid.

Good quality resealable bags are not inexpensive and, although they are washable and reusable, it is tough to remove all traces of oil in them. In fact, the harder you scrub, the more you’re likely to pierce the bag. And drying them after washing is no joke.

Plastic containers take up more storage space because it’s next to impossible to have a container that will be just the right size for the amount of food you want to pour into it. Plus, they need washing too after every use.

Then, Speedy discovered food bag clips and they’re the perfect solution for unfinished bags of cereals, chips, baking items… just about everything that comes in a bag.

Sold in DIY stores and those budget stores where everything is priced at 88 pesos, they come in different colors and sizes. How many clips in a pack depends on the size.

We have them in a myriad of colors, sizes and textures.

There are other food bag clip designs and they all work differently. For instance, the clip-n-seal, for instance, has two parts, a rod and a clamp, and you fold the bag over the rod and clip the clamp over the rod. There’s the kind that look like something you’d find attached to a board. There is even a design with a magnet.

All of them are pretty cute but, of course, in the end, it boils down to what is available and affordable. We’re very much okay with the ones we’ve got. Made in China (what isn’t these days?), plastic with no rough edges.

They work pretty much like hair clips — they open to a V, you position the bag between the “prongs”, you press the two “prongs” close to squeeze the bag between them, and then there’s a lock to keep the clips from opening. Very, very practical.

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