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Finger food to go with your holiday cocktails Finger foods to go with your holiday cocktails

Finger food refers to small food items that are meant to be picked up with the fingers and eaten directly. No forks or spoons. Finger food is a Western concept as the term would sound ridiculous in cultures where it is the norm to eat with the hands. For example: Malaysia, India and even the Philippines.

Finger food, in the Western context, may refer to cocktail food, mini sandwiches and cakes served in an English tea, and even picnic food like hotdogs on sticks.

The dishes listed below are meant to go with cocktail drinks. Some are very light, others are quite filling, some are easier to prepare than others. I suggest that you choose a combination that will provide a good contrast yet still have that pulled together look. I also suggest choosing some items that can be prepared ahead so that only minimal assembly is needed just before your guests start to arrive.

Let’s start with bread-based finger food:

1. Meatball sliders
2. Tuna and cheese pimiento canapés
3. Bruschetta with tomatoes, basil, pimiento and cheese
4. Pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls
5. Smoked salmon and cream cheese canapés
6. Salami and cucumber mini-sandwiches
7. Humba and home-cooked cua pao
8. Smoked tanigue (Spanish mackarel) and cream cheese sandwiches
9. Mini toasts with eggplant caviar.

If you prefer finger food with no bread in them, or if you want to combine bread-based finger food with more savory and more filling items, try these: Finger foods to go with your holiday cocktails

1. Meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting (use the smallest molds you have or can find)
2. Cheese-stuffed peppers a la chili relleno
3. Bacon–wrapped chicken livers
4. Baked mussels with lemon-garlic sauce
5. Mozzarella stuffed deep fried mashed potato balls
6. Bacon-wrapped crabsticks
7. Herbed fish sticks
8. Beef satay a la Indonesian sate babi or chicken satay
9. Grilled pork in lemongrass stalks

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