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Finally, New Outdoor Furniture!

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Finally, New Outdoor Furniture!

A five-piece dinette that consists of a round table, four folding chairs and an umbrella. How we found it and how we paid for it… well, that’s quite an amusing story.

Finally, New Outdoor Furniture! |

Finally, after over a month of searching and discarding too expensive options, we have more new outdoor furniture. We already got a six-seater table for entertaining but we still wanted a smaller set for the four of us. We found it! It’s a five-piece dinette that consists of a round table, four folding chairs and an umbrella. How we discovered it and how we paid for it… well, that’s quite an amusing story.

Alex and I wanted to watch La La Land, Sam wasn’t interested and neither was Speedy. Speedy drove us to the mall and, instead of going home and picking us up after two hours, he decided to use those two hours to go grocery-shopping and to check out what else was new and interesting. Speedy being Speedy, we knew he’d spend most of those two hours poring through every item in every Handyman and DIY store.

When La La Land was over, Alex texted her father. He met us just outside the movie house and I’m sure that he immediately noticed the huge smile on my face. We loved La La Land so much and I was itching to get home to write about it. But, as it turned out, we weren’t meant to drive home right away.

As soon as we were within earshot, Speedy said he had something to show me. So, we walked to… the DIY store, where else? He showed me the dinette, I liked it so we hailed over a merchandiser to ask how much it cost and if the store still had stock (the set on display had scratches). Yes, they had stock. The price was PhP8,000 plus. Not bad. Not bad at all.

But the merchandiser had even better news. Thirty per cent discount. The final price was PhP6,300. Oh, goody! A still unopened set was brought out, the box was opened, we inspected every piece and we were happy.

Outdoor dining set

The frame of the table and chairs is metal. The tabletop is tempered glass. We could just leave them all in the garden, rain or shine.

Outdoor dining set

And the chairs? The seat and backrest are made of perforated nylon. Even during the hot summer months (which I already dread), our butts, thighs and backs will be better ventilated. Awesome!

Happy with our find, I went to the cashier to pay. I took out my credit card and handed it to the cashier.

“Straight payment, ma’am?” she asked.

“Huh?” I muttered. “Why, is there another mode of payment?”

The cashier told me that I could choose to spread the payment over three months. Wow. PhP6,300 and payable over three months. Bargain on top of bargain.

It was already dark when we got home but Speedy assembled the table anyway. We had coffee in the garden last night, savoring the cool breeze and smiling hugely over how we found new outdoor furniture.

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