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Ever-Whip: non-dairy whipping cream

For the lactose intolerant and vegans who still want to enjoy whipped cream on pastries and ice cream, there is non-dairy whipping cream. I found this brand, Ever-Whip, in the grocery (Cherry Supermarket, Antipolo). Made in South Korea with a Malaysian distributor. A little more than a kilogram for PhP80.00 (about USD2.00) but that’s the sale price (regular price, if I remember correctly, is PhP120.00).


I’m not lactose intolerant; I bought the non-dairy whipping cream because Sam has an allergy (seems to be pet-related) and we’re trying to eliminate from her diet anything that may worsen her condition.

So, what is this non-dairy whipping cream made with? Palm kernel oil, essentially. And it is sweetened.


Above, a close-up of the ingredients printed on the box.

I haven’t tried whipping it yet but I have made ganache with it. Verdict? Pretty good.

If you intend to use the Ever-Whip non-dairy whipping cream for your baking projects, remember not to add any sugar to it. Like I said, it is already sweetened.

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