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Eggless Asian noodles: ready in two minutes

During the months when I was battling an egg-and-chicken allergy, I bought a lot of substitutes so I wouldn’t have to miss my favorite foods. For instance, noodles. I love Asian style noodles especially stir fried egg noodles whether in the form of lo mein or show mein. But I couldn’t eat egg noodles. I searched for good substitutes and found this.

Asian noodles made from wheat flour. No eggs at all. A Singaporean product.

A 375-gram pack has five 75-gram packets inside. The label said the noodles cook in two minutes and it wasn’t a lie.

Two minutes in rapidly boiling water and the noodles were ready to go into a pan of stir fried meat and vegetables. Lo mein with soy and lemon sauce

Here’s what I did with the noodles: lo mein with lemon and soya sauce. Click here for the recipe.

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