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Eggless and Dairy-free Fruitcake at The Vegetarian Kitchen

Eggless and Dairy-free Fruitcake at The Vegetarian Kitchen | casaveneracion.com

Growing up, Christmas at home was never without fruitcake. My mother loved fruitcake; so did I. Over the years, between store-bought fruitcakes and ones we received as gifts, we’ve tried them all—from bad to mediocre to unforgettably good.

But the best fruitcake we ever had was homemade. Speedy has an aunt, Tita Lourdes, and we used to live next door to her. Tita Lourdes made the best fruitcake, bar none, including imported brands. It’s the butter, she said. Real butter in copious amounts. Tita Lourdes is in her 80’s now and she hasn’t baked in years.

We thought we’d never experience good fruitcake again. Until today. And the delectable fruitcake you see in the photos is eggless and dairy-free.

Here’s a little backgrounder.

Yesterday, Tita Soliongco (she’s family), owner of The Vegetarian Kitchen, asked me if I wanted to try her eggless and dairy-free fruitcake. We’ve been meaning to, actually, since we first saw the photos last year. But The Vegetarian Kitchen is quite far and we just never found the opportunity to drop by again (been there twice; see related posts here and here). But as fate would have it, Speedy had errands to do yesterday which would bring him to within a few kilometers of The Vegetarian Kitchen. Might as well buy frozen vegetarian “tocino” for Sam too, I figured. 

While waiting for Speedy to get home, a friend who was attending a cooking class at The Vegetarian Kitchen tagged me on Facebook.


Well, the frozen vegetarian “tocino” was out of stock (because it’s really good!) but Speedy came home with Tita’s eggless and dairy-free fruitcake. We decided to let it chill overnight in the fridge.

Eggless and Dairy-free Fruitcake

After lunch today, I took the fruitcake out of the fridge. That’s what the packaging looks like.

Eggless and Dairy-free Fruitcake

As I unwrapped the fruitcake, the dreamy smell of fruits and nuts hit my nose. It felt like Christmas. I started to get excited—so excited that I almost messed up the slicing process.

But I managed. And I managed to stop myself from eating before the photo shoot was over.

Eggless and Dairy-free Fruitcake

The Vegetarian Kitchen’s eggless and dairy-free fruitcake is sweetened with brown sugar and molasses. And there’s brandy (but of course!). It slices like non-vegan fruitcake, and it tastes just as good too although both the aroma and mouthfeel differ. As they should. It is an eggless and dairy-free fruitcake, after all.

If you’re familiar with English Christmas pudding, the texture of the fruitcake is similar. Moist, dense and ultra rich. We are so hooked. Speedy said we should have it with port and I agreed. Tonight, that’s how we’ll enjoy our fruitcake. It’s too warm right now for port.

For vegans who don’t want to miss fruitcake this holiday season (and for non-vegetarians who are curious), The Vegetarian Kitchen’s eggless and dairy-free fruitcake comes in two sizes:

Small (600 grams) @ P450.00
Big (1000 grams) @ P800.00

Less sugar version of the fruitcake is available upon request.

For more details, you may visit The Vegetarian Kitchen’s Facebook page. You may call or text them at 0995 450 7249.

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