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Easy hors d’œuvre: herbed fish sticks

It’s still the same tilapia fillets in the first and third of the four-part series on hors d’Å”uvre using tilapia fillets. No spring rolls this time though. Just crisp herby fish sticks. You don’t even have to use tilapia. Fillets of maya-maya, talakitok or labahita will be just as great. Nothing can be simpler to prepare. And with the proper dip — I strongly recommend the garlicky mayo-vinaigrette dip — you have a super-easy to prepare appetizer which can also be served as a main entree with hot rice. herbed fish sticks

You will need fish fillets, of course, cut into strips three to four inches long. You will need fresh dill (or whatever herb you prefer). Then, some flour, salt and pepper to season the fish and lots of vegetable cooking oil for deep frying.

Start by seasoning the fish lightly with salt and pepper. Roll in the chopped herbs, pressing the greens firmly onto the fish. Dredge the fish in flour to make the herbs stick to it. Without the flour, the herbs will float away in the cooking oil while frying.

Heat up the oil in a wok or frying pan. Ideally, it should be around two inches deep at the very least. When the oil starts to smoke, fry the fish fillets in batches until golden brown.

Serve with your favorite dip and enjoy. :)

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