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Easy hors d’œuvre: garlicky mayo – vinaigrette dip

I originally planned on posting this as the last entry in the four-part series on easy hors d’Å”uvre featuring tilapia fillets. You know, post the fish recipes first and the dip, last. But I figured you might already decide to cook the first hors d’œuvre and it wouldn’t be fair if I held on to the dip recipe instead of allowing you to enjoy your hors d’œuvre with it. So, I rescheduled the posting dates so that you can have the garlicky mayo-vinaigrette dip recipe ahead of the two other hors d’Å”uvre recipes. mayo-vinaigrette dip

The easiest and one of the best dips to go with fried fish is a mixture of mayo, garlic, salt and pepper thinned with a little water. My daughter Sam loves it. But you can go a step farther by incorporating more flavors to create a more robust dip — nothing shy nor safe but something bold and full-bodied.

The first step is to use vinaigrette in lieu of water. You can use lemon juice too — I’ve tried it and it’s also good — but vinaigrette really adds a huge amount of pizazz to the dip. The second step is to add a hint of herby flavor and aroma. You can do this by adding a pinch of finely chopped herb that goes well with dips. I opt for dill or mint because they add a wonderful cool sensation to the taste buds.

To make the dip, mix equal amounts of mayo and vinaigrette in a bowl. Add some finely minced garlic (how much depends on your preference) and a pinch of finely chopped dill or mint.

That’s it! Dip your fried or grilled fish into the garlicky mayo-vinaigrette mixture and enjoy. :)

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