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Duckling and potato salad Duckling and potato salad

As has been my family’s practice since moving to the suburb, we had roast duckling for our New Year’s Eve dinner. We had a 2-kilo bird which I served the usual way (last year’s recipe here). By the time dinner was over, the leftovers–mostly small pieces of meat–were not enough to make a stir-fry for today’s lunch. Since my husband has to have his dose of potato salad every New Year’s Eve (I don’t know why; he can’t explain it either), I decided to toss the leftover roast duckling with some boiled baby potatoes. The interval between dinner and midnight was just enough to chill the salad. We had it with some ham, fruits and a dessert similar to mandarin orange royale except that we subsituted canned peach halves for the mandarin orange segments.

To make this salad, you will need about two dozens of baby potatoes. Wash and scrub them well then boil in plenty of salted water. Cool them completely then cut each in half. Drain a small can of crushed pineapples. Place the halved baby potatoes, drained pineapples and about a cup and a half of diced roast duckling meat in a large bowl. Season with some salt and ground white pepper. Add a teaspoonful of chopped parsley and enough mayonnaise (that’s an update; forgot that when I first posted the recipe) and toss everything together. Chill before serving.

I tell you, small potatoes are more flavorful, especially with the skin on. And, with potatoes this small, the skin is paper-thin. Served with duck meat, which tastes many times better than chicken meat, they make a wonderful cold salad.

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