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Double Berry Banana Ice Pops

If you have young children, you’ll have a lot of fun making these double berry banana popsicles with them.

Double Berry Banana Ice Pops

Ohhhh, this post brings back memories. In grade school, after class, my first destination on most afternoons was the Magnolia ice cream cart that was a mainstay on campus. We called the ice cream guy Mang Danny. There were only three items I bought from Mang Danny—drumstick, pinipig crunch and orange popsicles. My choice depended on how much loose change my grandfather had for the day. More often than not, it was orange popsicles for me.

Yep, we called them popsicles—frozen sweet liquid on a stick. I would learn later that Popsicle is a brand that had been in existence long, long before I was in grade school. How Magnolia was able to use the term “popsicle” for the frozen goods it sold without violating patent laws, I have no idea.

Whatever the legal arrangement, or the lack of it, that was how things were with these frozen ice snacks—if it was sold my Magnolia, it was “popsicle” and if it was something generic (and usually cheaper) and made with local ingredients like shredded tender coconut, strips of jackfruit or sweetened mung beans, it was “ice drop”.

Frozen snacks (or dessert) on a stick are popular in many parts of the world. They are known by different names too. The credit for the “invention” (discovery might be a better term) of the first frozen snack on a stick goes to Frank Epperson.

Frank [Epperson] was just a boy in 1905 in Oakland, California, when one night he accidentally left a glass – filled with water, powdered soda mix and a wooden stick for stirring – outside overnight. When young Frank found the glass in the morning, the soda mixture was frozen solid, so he ran the glass under hot water and removed the ice pop using the stick as a handle. Frank knew he had a great idea on his hands, and he kept making the pops for his friends, and when he became an adult he made them for his own children. [Source]

Frank called them Eppsicles, and that was the name on the original patent. His children called them “Pop’s ‘sicles”. And that was the name that stuck. Popsicles.

When Sam and Alex were much younger, I remember buying an ice pop mold from Tupperware. We used it once, we had trouble pulling out the ice pops (the stick kept sliding off the frozen snack) and, well, I don’t know where the mold went. I am sure that by the time we moved to the suburb, we no longer had it.

Double Berry Banana Ice Pops

Whether it was in remembrance of the lost ice pop mold or whether he was just in the mood for homemade ice pops, Speedy bought a new ice pop mold. Cheap. From one of those Japanese stores where everything costs sixty pesos.

Surprisingly, the cheap mold is better constructed than the one we had before. The sticks have bumps which make the frozen snack stick to it better. When you pull out the ice pop, the entire thing is loosened from the mold instead of just the stick coming off and leaving the ice pop behind. I have asked Speedy to buy more molds so we can stock ice pops in the freezer.

Double Berry Banana Ice Pops
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Servings: 4
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • sugar to taste
  • 1 ripe banana cut into small cubes
  • 2 whole strawberries cut into small cubes
  • 12 to 18 whole blueberries
  1. In a food processor or blender, process the frozen strawberries and blueberries until smooth.

  2. Add sugar, as much or as little as your taste buds dictate, and pulse a few more times to blend well.

  3. Drop banana cubes, whole blueberries and cubed strawberries into your ice pop molds.

  4. Pour in the pureed berries slowly to fill the molds almost to the brim.

  5. Position the ice pop mold handles into place.

  6. Freeze until firm.

  7. To loosen the ice pops, run tap water on the bottom and sides of the mold. Pull up the handle and enjoy your double berry banana ice pops!

Double Berry Banana Ice Pops

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