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Does it make sense to have hot soup on a hot summer day?

There’s this anecdote about a little boy who asked his grandmother why she drank hot coffee even on very hot days and she countered by asking the boy why he liked to eat ice cream even on very cold days. It came to mind when, a couple of days ago, I posted some tips to avoid dehydration over at the Food Talk Community. What tips?

1. Drink plenty of water. Health sites advice against colas, tea and coffee as they tend to dehydrate you even more. Personally, I think coconut water is best.

2. Eat plenty of fluid-rich fruits.

3. Wear appropriate clothing to avoid unnecessary loss of fluids.

casaveneracion.com Noodle soup

What I forgot to add was the advice I often heard from oldies — to take a lot of soups as they provide you with liquid too. And the moment I recalled that, the anecdote about hot soup on a hot summer day came to mind. It just seems to me that there’s an irony in there somewhere. While it is true that soup replenishes lost fluids, it is also true that hot soup on a hot summer day can make you perspire profusely. So, in effect, what you gain you also lose. Does it really make sense then to eat hot soup on a hot summer day?

I can’t remember a hotter summer than the one we’re experiencing right now and it just seems to me that no matter how much water I drink, I still feel weak with dehydration. Starting tomorrow, I think I’ll opt for a daily supply of coconut juice. It’s like dextrose so it has to be more beneficial than plain water.

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