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Do-it-yourself chicken burger sandwiches

When my daughters were much younger, whenever I cooked burgers, I would assemble their sandwiches for them. Well, they’re 18 and 17, respectively, and I’ve learned to leave them alone to assemble their own burger sandwiches. I just put everything on the table — bread, cooked burgers, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onion rings, mayo, mustard, ketchup…

That’s my chicken burger sandwich in the photo. I like to start with a generous spread of mayo on the bread followed by lots of lettuce (I like the Lola Rosa variety, red or green). The burger goes on top of the lettuce, then some cheese, onion rings and tomatoes.

My 17-year-old daughter, Alex, is not a big fan of tomatoes but she like LOTS of cheese with her burger. She overloads the burger with grated cheese…

… Then uses a kitchen torch to melt and slightly char the cheese.

My 18-year-old, Sam, prefers iceberg lettuce over other varieties. And she likes cream cheese with everything — sometimes, even with rice.

Sam doesn’t like thinly sliced tomatoes like I do so she ignored the sliced tomatoes that I had prepared, took a whole tomato from the fridge and sliced it according to her specifications.

How did I make the chicken burgers?

To half a kilo of ground chicken meat, I added one beaten egg, about half a cup of finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and two tablespoonfuls of bread crumbs.

Unlike ground beef patties which can hold their shape well with no need for binders like eggs and bread crumbs, ground chicken meat — especially breast meat — contains so little fat that the patties can turn dry and crumbly before the chicken burger can go between slices of bread.

How did I cook the chicken burgers? In a pan. With olive oil.

What bread did I toast for the sandwiches? Ciabatta. Surprisingly good with burgers.

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