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Discovered at the grocery: Nestle’s yogurt + jelly

Discovered at the grocery: Nestle’s yogurt + jelly |

Food shopping can be exciting. Or a total dud. Sometimes, there are so many wonderful things to try and, other times, nothing looks appetizing.

There was a time when grocery shopping meant buying a dozen or so tubs of flavored yogurt. Sam’s favorite was strawberry; Alex’s was mango. Based on a 2008 post, my favorite was buko-nata.

After several months of non-stop yogurt, the girls got tired of the snack. So did I, truth be told. Too much of anything can be cloying. We stopped buying flavored yogurt. I switched to plain yogurt which I used for cooking and making drinks.

In short, when grocery shopping, rarely did I take time to peruse the flavored yogurt section. Until today. I saw tubs of yogurt + jelly and… what the heck, I love yogurt and I love jelly, and those two together ought to be worth a try. I chose buko-pandan and peach-mango.

I wasn’t disappointed. Tried the buko-pandan and… think buko-pandan dessert but no as sweet and with that distinctive tang that characterizes yogurt. Pretty good with one reservation. My only complaint is that the bits of buko tasted like they came from rather mature coconuts. The experience would have been so much nicer if the coconut bits were softer.

What about the peach-mango flavor? Haven’t opened that one yet. Maybe later.

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