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Corelle dinnerware

The times when we had no househelp and my kids had to do their share of the dirty plates, they always complained that the plates were too heavy. I used to buy plates from the Noritake factory in Marikina and the rest are things I picked up here and there — more often than not, things I bought because they looked pretty. We have one set of Corelle dinnerware though and it was the only one that the kids liked to use because they were light and, hence, easy to wash and stack. Light also meant less accidents in the kitchen.

I’ve been meaning to buy a second and even a third set of Corelle dinnerware but never got around to it. The last time I almost did was last December when I saw a design I really, really liked. It was on sale too. A service for 4 went for only around PhP1,600.00. But that was the day we did our marathon Christmas shopping and, in our haste to put the shopping loot in the trunk of the car, I forgot to go back to buy the set that I had already reserved. I would see that very same design in other stores over the next several months but at the regular price of over PhP4,000.00.

When I came back from Taiwan last Sunday, Sam insisted that we go to the Duty-Free Store to check if cell phones were cheaper there. She’s having her birthday next month and she’s insistent that she needs a new cell phone. Well, looking never hurt anyone so we went. Unfortunately for her, there were no cell phones at the Duty-Free shop. But, fortunately for me, there was a Corelle sale. And the design I meant to buy last December was on display and included in the sale.

Not as cheap as the sale price last December but not that bad either. At around PhP2,400.00 with five free breakfast plates, I was happy.

But that was not all. Sam, super efficient at finding the best things in a store — any store — discovered boxes of flatware with a bamboo design. I couldn’t resist. I love bamboo — in the garden, in jewelry, in interior design…


They weren’t on sale but the price wasn’t bad. The platter in the photo above, in the same design as the dinnerware set, was bought separately.

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