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Dessert overload!

Some readers are wondering why there haven’t been cake and dessert entries since I came back from my nine-day vacation. A strange thing, some think, considering that the Holiday season is well upon us. I will be doing a lot of baking in the coming days. Soon, very soon. I have to or my daughters will complain. What’s Christmas and New Year without the sweets, right?

But not just yet. I need a few more days. You see, all throughout my nine-day vacation, I was living in a world that can aptly be characterized by two words — dessert overload. And I still see the cakes and pastries in my mind. The thought of more dessert just seems to be overkill right now.

What do I mean by dessert overload? I mean more dessert than you can handle with every meal. For instance, on the second to the last day of the final cruise (Legend of the Seas, Royal Caribbean), there was a barbecue on deck and these were only some of the desserts in the buffet. Heck, there were times when I’d skip the main courses and dive straight to the dessert tables.

Puff pastry topped with custard cream and garnished with sliced strawberries and orange segments.

A not-too-heavy baked cheesecake garnished with fresh strawberries.

Custard squares topped with gloriously decadent shaved chocolate.

A personal favorite. Custard cream filled rolls smothered with grated coconut. Simply delicious!

Whether it’s classified as a tart or a cake, I don’t really know. Layers of vanilla and chocolate cake sandwiched between layers of custard and topped with chocolate ganache and orange segments.

Fresh bananas are arranged on a crust and a custard filling is poured over them.

Another personal favorite. A no-frills cake that is wickedly moist and succulent.

One of the few cakes I wasn’t too impressed with. The taste is good but the texture was too chewy for me.

A bit dense but great with coffee.

Now you understand what I mean by dessert overload.

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