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Dessert and breakfast at Bag of Beans

Rarely do I find a restaurant that looks good by day and by night. And even more rare are restaurants where both the main meal and the dessert are good. In most cases, a restaurant would have a specialty—either one or more of the main entrees OR dessert. Bag of Beans in Tagaytay City has them all—and a great setting and ambience to boot.

Its biggest attraction is alamid coffee which no one in my family had the nerve to try. My 14-year-old daughter Sam was raring to but balked at the last minute. Alamid coffee or not, we enjoyed everything we ordered at Bag of Beans.

On the evening of the first of our three days in Tagaytay, we went there for dessert and coffee. Speedy had apple a la mode, I had carrot cake, Sam chose strawberry cheesecake and Alex had blueberry cheesecake. Brewed coffee was bottomless.

casaveneracion.com apple pie a la mode

casaveneracion.com carrot cake

casaveneracion.com strawberry cheesecake

casaveneracion.com blueberry cheesecake

If you go to Bag of Beans, you can choose to dine indoors or outdoors. The huts in the garden are especially romantic at night. And the cool night air makes them even more preferable to the indoor dining room.

casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

Beware of mosquitoes though. If you don’t have mosquito repellant lotion in your bag, you can request the staff to provide katol (mosquito coils).

During the day, however, when the cool Tagaytay breeze is no match for the blazing sun, the indoor dining room is more inviting. On our second day in Tagaytay, we went to Bag of Beans for breakfast and chose to have it served in the wonderfully appointed dining room with an adjacent mini living room. But while you’re waiting for your food, try to stroll around the garden. The flowers are beautiful.

casaveneracion.com Bag of Beans indoor dining area

What’s good for breakfast at Bag of Beans? The omelet and bacon were served in an electric skillet and came with a basket of freshly baked bread still warm from the oven.

casaveneracion.com breakfast at Bag of Beans: omelet and bacon

Several varieties to choose from but we decided on pan de sal and wheat rolls with butter and fruit jam.

casaveneracion.com freshly baked pan de sal

The pancakes were also great. The fruit juices were fresh and coffee, as usual, was bottomless.

Had we not been pressed for time, we would have gone back a third time for the meat pies. Next time, we won’t fail to do that.

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