A Cook's Diary

Delicious homemade Christmas gifts


For the past so many years, the days before Christmas find me in the kitchen, baking. The dining table and the kitchen island are often covered with containers and ribbons and, well… flour. If you like to bake and you like to add that special personal touch to the gifts you’re giving to friends and colleagues this holiday season, here are some suggestions.

1. Food for the gods
2. Chocolate chip and walnut cookies
3. Lemon squares
4. Chocolate chunk cookies
5. Buko–melon and buko–pandan yema balls
6. Butterscoth brownies with 3 nuts and drunken raisins
7. Tri-level brownies
8. Dark chocolate truffles
9. Fudgy cheesecake brownies
10. Chocolate crinkles
11. Fruity, nutty blondies
12. Kahlua brownies

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