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Defining a section of the house

One thing about this house is that, strictly speaking, there is no “living room” and “dining room.” Instead, there is a living area and a dining area. Meaning, the dining and living areas are contiguous and no wall divides them. Now I like every area of the house to be defined. The easiest solution would be to place a divider between the two areas but then the feeling of spaciousness would be lost.

Another option is to use area rugs. But I don’t like rugs. That might be a solution for air-conditioned rooms but the thought of dust during the summer, and molds during the rainy season, and the recurring cost of having the rugs shampooed… I don’t think so. When we were living with my in-laws, our bedroom had wall-to-wall carpeting and when I remember the countless times I had to sponge off the soiled areas (Sam and Alex were babies then so use your imagination as to what I mean by “soiled”), I cringe at the thought of carpets and rugs.

A third option is to install different kinds of flooring for each section. Perhaps, tiles for the living area and wood panels for the dining area. But since this house came with complete flooring — good-quality tiles of the same color and pattern for the living and dining areas as well as the kitchen — I think it’s a waste to have everything changed. Perhaps, when the need arises, like when the tiles are worn, that will be the time to think about different flooring for each area.

Still another option is to use different colors for each section of the house. Now, this is where I made a mistake. I chose only one color for both the living and dining areas. Everything was cream. Then, when we bought the furniture, we chose off-white upholstery too. The result? Everything looked flat. All the fresh plants inside the house hardly made a difference. Instead of feeling homey, everything was screaming sterile. Like a hospital. Or an impersonal hotel suite.

So, did I have sections repainted? No. I had wallpaper installed in the dining area.

casaveneracion.com Wallpaper for the dining area

casaveneracion.com Wallpaper with floral pattern

The wallpaper ends where the living area begins. The post on the right side of the photo above serves as the divider. That’s why I couldn’t write all day — I was supervising the wallpaper installation.

casaveneracion.com Wallpaper installation

casaveneracion.com Dining room

The obvious question is whether the current color of the living room will be retained. I really think that painting it a shade of orange, something like the color of the flowers on the wallpaper, will make the sectioning stand out even more. And, with the off-white upholstery of the living room furniture, the stark contrasts will look fantastic. But that’s a decision for another day. Perhaps, on Monday. :)

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