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Dad’s – turn – to – cook porkchops

When I was still working outside the home, I used to worry a lot about what my kids ate when I went on out-of-town conferences. I would be especially bothered if the trips extended to several days. After the first few times, I started to relax since there were no complaints from the kids. I was to learn later that their dad would buy lots of hotdogs, cold cuts and potato chips. Okay, so he had a limited repertoire of recipes. In fact, his specialty was cheese omelette.

casaveneracion.com pork chops and fries

Well, my husband sort of graduated last night–from cooking hotdogs and fried eggs and canned meat, that is. :lol: He cooked those gorgeous golden porkchops in the photo for dinner yesterday, complete with herbed potatoes in their jackets. He didn’t get any help either; he did it all by himself.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the recipe because he wouldn’t tell us what he used. “Secret,” he said with a sly smile. The verdict? His porkchops and potatoes were great! He did not overcook the meat. He coated the porkchops with fine breadcrumbs (or was it flour?) so that the outside was a little crisp while the center of the meat remained moist. I think the potatoes were fried with the skins on because he was too lazy to peel them. And he must have seasoned them after frying because we saw him sprinkling them with herbed salt just before serving them. And you know what? He was the one who did that little arrangement on the serving platter. And the best thing? He cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. :) Of course, I don’t expect it to happen everyday. But it felt good to discover the relaxed feeling of being able to put up my feet and turn on the TV right after dinner. No dishes to wash, no utensils to put away and no kitchen to clean.

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