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Crazy Crepes

PhP 85.00 to PhP 110.00 for a crepe might sound a bit steep but Crazy Crepes have fruits, whipped cream, ice cream, nuts, syrup—the combinations vary—and they are huge. The price actually was reasonable, everything considered.

I am not sure how many Crazy Crepes outlets there are in the Philippines or whether it is a local brand or merely a franchise of a foreign company. The Crazy Crepes we went to was in Greenhills. Models of the available choices were encased in two large glass windows and, because everything just looked delectable, we had a hard time deciding what we wanted. I had blueberry, Sam chose strawberries, Alex went for mangoes and Speedy ordered apple with cinnamon.

If a picture if worth a thousand words, well, below are photos from Crazy Crepes which I took through the glass.

casaveneracion.com making the crepescasaveneracion.com adding whipped cream and corn flakes

Crepes are freshly made. The crepe is laid out and whipped cream is added. Then, some corn flakes.

casaveneracion.com your fruit of choice, strawberriescasaveneracion.com apple crepes

Your fruit of choice comes next. Some crepes come with a scoop of ice cream; others don’t.

casaveneracion.com adding a scoop of ice creamcasaveneracion.com drizzle with caramel or chocolate syrup

Syrup is drizzled over the ice cream, fruits and cream—caramel for the apple and cinnamon; chocolate for the strawberries.

casaveneracion.com roll the crepescasaveneracion.com crazy crepes

The crepe is then folded and rolled…

casaveneracion.com roll the crepescasaveneracion.com serve the crepes like an ice cream cone

And served a la ice cream in a cone—with a spoon. You can just bite on it, scoop the ice cream and fruits with a spoon or you can unroll the paper and enjoy the crepe as though you were eating off a plate.

The best thing is that the crepes are prepared before your eyes so you be the judge on issues of hygiene and sanitation.

Wonderfully delicious!

UPDATE @ 7.12 p.m. Crazy Crepes is a US company with origins in Japan.

So I won’t get bugged with questions about franchising, here is the link.

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