Corn slushie

Corn slushie | casaveneracion.com

It may look like a margarita but it isn’t. Think maiz con hielo that can be drank from a glass. Technically, it’s a smoothie. But smoothies are made with fruits, and corn isn’t a fruit, so I couldn’t call it a corn smoothie. It isn’t a sorbet nor a granita either because it is drank rather than eaten with a spoon. Ergo, I decided it’s a slushie. Made by my daughter Sam. With canned corn kernels, milk, sugar and ice. We were withering in the afternoon heat and a cold, cold drink was a welcome respite.

What’s with the margarita glass? Oh, I don’t know. I was lying in bed in a state of lethargy (catatonic from the heat would be more accurate) when the girls busied themselves in the kitchen a little before three. Sam made the slushies and made a ceremony with the presentation. Alex prepared a tuna salad which Sam made into tuna meltie sandwiches when she was done with the cold drinks. What they didn’t do was stay in the kitchen long enough to cook dinner so I wouldn’t have to.

How do you make corn slushie? I asked Sam but she doesn’t really measure anything. All she knows is that she opened a can of corn kernels and dumped the contents into the blender with milk, sugar and ice.

How was the slushie? It was delicious. Not too sweet which makes me think she didn’t add too much sugar since the corn kernels are already sweet. Not too much milk either but just enough to give the slushie a slightly creamy texture.

Best part? It’s a natural drink. No artificial ingredients.

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