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Cooking with instant lasagna noodles instant-lasagna-noodles

A lot of people are intimidated by lasagna. They think it’s hard to make. It’s not a difficult dish to pull off, actually, but it does take more work than most pasta dishes. The noodles have to be cooked and drained, two sauces must be prepared (often, red and white) and then there’s the assembly. Here’s something that lessens the work — instant lasagna noodles. There is no need to boil them at all.

No boiling? How will the noodles get cooked? They will cook in the sauce and the steam that rises from the sauce as it simmers in the oven. vegetarian-lasagna

Assemble your lasagna dish using the dried pasta. Wet the bottom of the baking dish with a little sauce then start layering — pasta, sauce, white sauce, mozzarella; repeat then repeat and repeat again.

Now, the trick. You have to cover the baking dish. If your dish doesn’t come with its own cover, use foil. And cover tightly. You don’t want any steam to escape because it is that steam plus the sauce that will cook the noodles. About 40 minutes in a 375F oven and the pasta is perfectly al dente when it comes out. vegetarian-lasagna2

I made only three layers, and the baked dish came out too squat. Next time, I’ll have four or five layers.

There are several brands of instant lasagna noodles in the market, I have tried only this one so I can’t say comment about how the other brands fare.

This isn’t a paid post — you can see the price of the lasagna in the photos.

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