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Cooking ranges: Ariston, Elba and La Germania

The kitchen of the new house was designed with a cooking range in mind. What we have right now is an Ariston cooking hob glued into the marble countertop and an Ariston built-in (electric) convection oven both of which are too narrow for the 33-1/2 inch space allotted for a cooking range. One option is a customized cabinet to house both the cooking hob and the oven. The problem is that we will probably never be able to get a slab of granite to match the one installed on the counters. Plus, the cost of a customized cabinet will be eye-popping if it has to be designed to match the rest of the kitchen. Space for a cooking range

Since we intend to have another cooking area in the secondary kitchen (more popularly known as “dirty kitchen”), the more practical solution is to move the cooking hob into the secondary kitchen and get a free standing cooking range for the main kitchen. We can have a cabinet built but without the “matching design” considerations. We can use the less expensive solid surface countertops, including formica and Corian, that come in so many designs. Or we can even use wood. Speedy even came up with a really cool idea. Wheels under the cabinet so that the cooking hob can be moved to the garden for real outdoor cooking when weather permits. Nice, eh?

What about the cooking range for the main kitchen?

There are only three brands of cooking ranges that I am familiar with in terms of quality — La Germania, Elba and Ariston. The thing was to find the cooking range with the right size and the best price. Standard widths for cooking ranges vary. The size we want is something that will fit in the 33-1/2 inch by 21-1/2 deep space. In short, a 80 cm by 50 cm range.

Ariston does not carry models in the size. We checked La Germania and the only one in the size we want, the D85C 61 X model in the Diamante series, costs P51,900.00. Elba cooking range with 5 gas burners and gas oven with rotisserie

Elba offers better options. There are three models in the size we require.

You can see in the photo of the brochure which one we have chosen. It’s about four thousand pesos cheaper than the La Germania range, has five gas burners and a gas oven with a rotisserie.

By the way, the entire house is being repainted. I’ll have none of those dead white cabinets in my kitchen. :razz:

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