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Cooking pans

When we browse through food magazines or watch cooking shows on TV, a kitchen is always presented as an interior designer’s masterpiece. Lots of shiny cooking pans hanging on the wall or from the ceiling, fresh herbs and vegetables on the counter, colorful plates, immaculately clean everything… Well, that’s showbiz. Just how many cooking pans does one really need?

Personally, three are enough — large, medium and small. I bought this set of stainless steel cooking pans over ten years ago and they’re still in perfect condition. No dents, no chips, no cracks. The handles (stainless steel, not plastic) and screwed in and welded into the body. It’s a German brand, I know that much although I can’t remember the name. I couldn’t pronounce it when I bought the pans and it’s kinda hard to remember something one couldn’t even pronounce. The price back then? About a thousand pesos. Where? Unimart in Greenhills.

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