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Cooking instructions

One of the more popular recipes in my food blog is cassava bibingka with custard topping. A slice of cassava bibingka with custard toppong

Speedy says the recipe is all wrong. And he has said this more than once — there isn’t enough custard. He said it again today. Speedy specifying the height of the cake Speedy specifying the height of the custard

Left photo: “The bibingka should be this thin.”

Right photo: “The custard should be THIS thick.”

Told him more than once too that it was impossible — the custard would break and fall apart if it were THAT thick.

So, he supplemented the instructions: “Use cling wrap to shore up the sides of the custard to prevent it from falling apart. Use toothpicks to keep the wrap in place if you need to.”

My husband is such an amazing cook, really.

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