Coffee mudslide

If you like mudslide but would rather stay away from alcohol, here’s a delicious cold drink that has the same mudslide effect without any alcohol. Instead of coffee liqueur, I used strong coffee. No special equipment nor ingredients — just your usual coffee and some chocolate syrup.

Makes one glass of coffee mudslide.

Make your coffee but make it twice as strong. Don’t worry, you won’t be drinking strong coffee because you’ll be diluting it with ice.

Measure half a cup of strong coffee and pour into a mug. Add sugar and cream, and stir to make a smooth mixture. Then, add enough ice cubes (you may also used shaved ice) to make the coffee very, very cold. After adding the ice, your mixture should measure approximately one cup.

Take a glass with about one cup capacity. Holding it at a 45 degree angle, pour the chocolate syrup directly onto the sides of the glass. Turn the glass around as you pour the chocolate syrup so that you have “mud” sliding all around the glass.

Pour the iced coffee into the “mud” coated glass. Serve at once.


Make sure that the coffee is very cold before pouring it into the prepared glass. Otherwise, the chocolate will melt and mix into the coffee and you won’t get the mudslide effect.

While drinking your coffee mudslide, swirl the coffee before every sip so that the chocolate syrup slowly mixes in.

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