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Coffee Jelly Beverage



Cubes of jelly flavored and sweetened with strong coffee and sugar are dropped into glasses and topped with cold milk. This coffee jelly beverage is refreshing and invigorating!

Coffee Jelly Drink

Yes, there is another coffee jelly recipe in the archive — a dessert, not a drink. It was posted at a time when coffee jelly was all the rage. It was in the menu of fast food joints and even in at least one decent Japanese restaurant.

This is coffee jelly, beverage version. I’m updating it with new photos and a video. Yes, a video. Have you noticed that the blog now has videos? My daughter Sam does them. She shoots on her days off from work. Hopefully, before the year ends, there will be more to upload for readers to enjoy.

This coffee jelly beverage recipe was originally published in September 15, 2009, a very hot day. I wanted coffee but the thought of drinking something hot just didn’t appeal to me. Neither did the thought of all that sugar in the usual iced coffee concoctions. A glass of coffee jelly drink is cold, refreshing, definitely not boring, and sweet but only slightly so.

Unflavored jelly comes in sweetened and unsweetened varieties. Check the label on your box of gelatin if it is sweetened or unsweetened. If unsweetened, you will need to add sugar together with the coffee. Either way, there is no need to add sugar to the milk because the coffee jelly is sufficiently sweetened. Sweetened coffee jelly plus sweetened milk will be too cloying.

Cold milk is the recommended to get all the undiluted goodness of the coffee jelly beverage. I do not recommend adding ice to the glass since ice will make the milk bland.

Coffee Jelly Drink

Coffee jelly, beverage edition

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 3
Author: Connie Veneracion


  • 1 box unflavored gelatin (I used Alsa)
  • 3 tablespoons very strong brewed coffee or more (or 4 heaping teaspoons or more of good instant coffee)
  • 3 teaspoons sugar or to taste, if using unsweetened gelatin
  • 3 cups ice cold milk the pour and drink kind
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  • Prepare the gelatin according to package directions but reduce the amount of water by about 1/5 for a firmer jelly. Stir in the coffee (and sugar, if using unsweetened gelatin).
  • Pour into a shallow bowl or tray and allow to set. When firm, cut into one-inch cubes. Chill in a covered container.
  • Divide the jelly among three tall glasses. Fill glasses with very cold milk. Serve the coffee jelly beverage at once.


Originally published in September 15, 2009, this updated coffee jelly beverage recipe has new photos and a video.
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Cubes of jelly flavored and sweetened with strong coffee and sugar are dropped into glasses and topped with cold milk. Refreshing. Invigorating!