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Coffee and dessert at MOMO Cafe

The day we had lunch at MyThai, Speedy and I had coffee and dessert afterward at the cafe next door called MOMO. We hadn’t gone there before but one look at the array of cakes and I made up my mind. A cafe that serves a dessert that includes both mint and chocolate can’t be bad.

I ordered a chocohip mint cupcake and a cappuccino; Speedy had a slice of tres leches and brewed coffee. We took a table outdoors and had the sweets and coffee served there. The desserts both deserve a standing ovation but, sadly, the coffee was, at best, mediocre.

casaveneracion.com choco chip mint cupcake

The chocochip cupcake was not really a cake in the sense that there was nothing bread-like about its texture. The base was a rich yet soft fudge and the light-colored top was a perfect blend of whipped cream and chocolate. There was nothing bashful about the mint in the cupcake. It was minty as minty could be. Not a shy hint but a bold flavor that says the mint was just as essential as the chocolate. Something that our younger daughter, Alex, should experience being as much a fan as I am of the chocolate and mint combo.

casaveneracion.com Tres leches cake

The tres leches cake, so called because the cake is soaked with a mixture of cream, milk and sweetened condensed milk, came with a topping that appeared to be a combination of whipped egg whites and cream. Not boiled icing but something lighter. Shaved white chocolate was pressed on the sides. It was good.

I still need to properly deconstruct the chocochip mint cupcakes to make a home version but there is a tres leches cupcake recipe in the archive in case you want a more accurate description of what it is.

Having tried two desserts and coffee, can I truthfully say that MOMO Cafe is a great place? Let me answer that the long way.

Recently, I had an interesting discussion with some readers about food blogs and foodies. One reader commented that [there are] “lots of ‘foodie bloggers’ but all they ever do is post photos they took from events they attended. They don’t even cook, they just take photos and eat (food that is most of the time, free).” Well said. A sad situation but a sentiment accurately relayed.

Worse, free or not, many “foodie bloggers” have developed the habit if rating a restaurant after having tried only a few items in the menu. Unless you’re recommending a restaurant based on its ambience or interior design or both, well, an accurate review can only go as far as the food items actually consumed.

So, if you ask me if MOMO Cafe is a great place for coffee and dessert, I’d give you a qualified answer — the chocochip mint cupcake and tres leches cake are good, I don’t know about the other items in the menu, the coffee… you can make a better cup of coffee at home.

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