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Margarita may refer to an island in the Caribbean, a controversial doctor who dispenses advice on sex and sexuality, or it can be the name of one of my favorite cocktail drinks.

Probably the most popular tequila-based cocktail drink, the margarita is a mixture of tequila, Triple Sec and citrus juice. It can be served on the rocks, blended or straight. This is the blended version which means the cocktail mix was thrown into the blender with ice and processed to make a thick iced drink.

In making a margarita drink, the most common citrus juice used is either lime or lemon. But my sister-in-law, Ava, who makes the best margarita in the family uses kalamansi juice instead and the margarita not only tastes better with the substitution — the drink looks much brighter as well. 

Now, let’s go to the “simple syrup” mentioned in the title. Simple syrup is water and sugar, one to one ratio, boiled together until the sugar is dissolved. It is also sometimes called simple sugar syrup or bar syrup.

But why not just add sugar to the cocktail mix? Texture. Using simple syrup instead of sugar results in a smoother and richer texture.

Classic Margarita
Prep Time
2 mins
Total Time
2 mins
Servings: 1
Author: Connie Veneracion
  1. First, prepare the margarita glass. Place some table salt on a saucer. Take a lemon wedge, run around the rim of the glass then press the wet glass rim into the salt in the saucer.
  2. Now, mix the drink. There are many formulas but the most common ratio is 50% tequila, 25% Triple Sec and 25% juice. But feel free to experiment to come up with the ratio that tastes best to you. How much syrup? That depends on how sweet you want your drink.
  3. Measure the tequila, Triple Sec and juice in a shaker. Shake. Add some syrup. Shake again. Taste. Make the necessary adjustments by increasing the amount of one or more of the ingredients. Then, pour the mixed liquid into the blender, add ice and blend.
  4. Pour into the prepared glass and enjoy your blended margarita.
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