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A Christmas ham story


A funny thing happened while we were preparing for our Christmas Eve meal. As agreed upon, I did not cook regular food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead, we ate sandwiches here and there all day.

By five o’clock in the afternoon, we realized that we were running out of bread. My, bad. That was all we planned to have at midnight — bread, cold meat, dips and cheeses. And the ham that I had brined and baked. And dessert. And mojito. Speedy did not relish the idea of going out and elbowing his way through the last-minute shoppers. That was when Alex said she wanted ulam and rice. And Sam reminded me that she asked for a baked potato dish to go with rice too.

Since I was going to cook a meat stew for the Christmas day potluck with my in-laws anyway, I decided to finish it all in one go and not have to wake up early on Christmas morning. To make a long story short, the cold meat, cheeses, dips and ham were left practically untouched on Christmas Eve. We ate a full meal instead before ten o’clock in the evening (recipes to follow). By midnight, we were still too full. The mojito never materialized and the Christmas ham remained unsliced.


Christmas morning found me slicing the ham and recalling my friend Raffy’s food porn-y description on Facebook about what to do with Christmas ham. Thick as a finger slices, he said. So, after making enough slices for sandwiches, I cut one extra-thick slice — an inch and a half thick. Then, I pan fried it and did food porn-y things worthy of Raffy’s musings.


It starts with butter. About two tablespoonfuls for one slice. I heated the butter and browned both sides of the ham slice. Then, I poured in honey. I let the honey caramelize and coat the ham. I arranged the glistening browned ham steak on a plate and placed slices of baguette spread with pimiento cheese (I’ve a new recipe).

ham steak with butter and honey

It looked and tasted good. But, wait! Why stop there?

ham steak with butter, honey and egg

I placed an egg, fried sunny side up, on top of the ham steak. Lovely. Just lovely.

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