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Christmas ham from Majestic

We don’t normally have ham for Christmas. I know, I know–it’s tradition. But we’ve been having roast duck for the past couple of years. We eat what we want, not what tradition says. If we feel like having ham in July instead, that’s fine.

Anyway, we’ve been buying imported U.S. duckling for our roast duck. But, well… there’s the bird flu scare and, well… we thought we’d skip the duck this year. So, when my husband asked what kind of ham I wanted, I suddenly had this very vivid picture in my mind of ham bone simmering in water to make the best stock ever. I was already imagining the soups and stews I could make with just one good-sized ham bone. So, I said I wanted Chinese ham. Last Friday, he came home with a two kilos plus traditional ham from Majestic. traditional Christmas ham from Majestic

I know it’s traditional to bake and slice the ham for the noche buena but we don’t really have a proper noche buena. We’re usually too full by midnight. We had the ham with pan de sal and lots of coral lettuce yesterday for breakfast. And we were making sandwiches the whole day.

Years ago, when Swift (RFM Corp.) still made ham, I enjoyed its Boston Ham. Tasted like Chinese ham (more salty than sweet) but smaller and boneless. Too bad Swift doesn’t make ham anymore. You can’t make me buy processed ham, especially canned ones. Waste of money and I do know that they’re more than 50% fat.

Last year, Jay and Jet gifted me with a ham that my family liked so much I actually had to ask them where we could buy more. A business of a friend of Jay, the ham was only available during the Christmas season. We couldn’t have it all year round. I was actually thinking of ordering some this year but the image of ham bone was there inside my head and, well… so we have the Majestic ham.

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