Chocolate fondue and suman (rice cakes)

The suman (rice cake) and chocolate combination is nothing unusual. In fact, it is traditional to serve suman with a cup of hot chocolate drink. This combination was carried farther when suman makers started adding chocolate bits into the rice (see my recipe for chocolate suman). And I thought… why not suman and chocolate fondue?

The other night, when I melted some chocolate for dipping fresh strawberries, there was more chocolate than strawberries and I was wondering what to do with the excess chocolate. Make a drink with it, perhaps? Then, I thought about the bunch of suman that we bought earlier that day. After midnight, I found myself unwrapping two pieces of suman, slicing them then dipping them in the still hot chocolate. It was such a glorious experience that I mounted my camera on the tripod and started taking photos. A discovery like that shouldn’t be kept a secret.

Want to experience suman with chocolate fondue? See my recipe for the melted chocolate. Slice your suman — homemade or bought — and prepare yourself for a delightful experience.

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