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Chocolate coated gummy bears



Right after Alex made her choco loco on Saturday evening, older sister Sam took over the kitchen. She had this idea–dipping gummy bears in melted chocolate. I don’t know how she located the mixing bowls. Next moment I peeked in the kitchen, she was already stirring the melted chocolate. She did it all by herself–inserting toothpicks into the gummy bears, dipping them in chocolate, laying them out on a sheet of wax paper to harden… she even washed the dirty mixing bowls. She also ate her concoction. I tried two and… well, they were pretty interesting. ;-) chocolate coated gummy bears

And no, the kitten wasn’t interested in the gummy bears. Sam put pieces of meat on the edge of the plate to get the kitten to “pose” properly for the photo. :-P

One thing about my older girl (she’s 13), she has very radical ideas. Who would have thought of cooking sago (tapioca balls), putting them in sweetened iced water and coloring everything blue? Who would have thought of using chicharon (pork cracklings) for making spaghetti sauce? One thing she still has to learn to do consistently though is to clean up after cooking anything. Thats’s why the chocolate gummy bears are memorable. First time she cleaned up without me nagging her to do it before the ants invaded the kitchen.