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Chocolate Caramel Coffee Float

Chocolate Caramel Coffee Float |

It’s a very simple drink to make and yet a lot of people find it intimidating. Coffee float is simply hot coffee topped with a whopping scoop of ice cream. The coffee isn’t sweetened and cream is not added because the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream are meant to take the the place of sugar and cream.

Is coffee float the same as affogato? They’re similar but coffee float is served as a beverage while affogato is essentially a dessert. 

How does one drink a coffee float? Well, you’re really not supposed to stir the ice cream into the coffee. You allow it to soften and melt… And this process is quite mesmerizing. Whenever I make coffee float, I find myself staring at the glass and watching thin wisps of melted ice cream crawl downward into the dark coffee turning its color from deep dark brown to amber. But that’s me.

Even as the ice cream softens, most of it will stay on top of the coffee. Just drink the coffee float as you would a regular cup of coffee. The difference is that, with every sip, you get coffee and ice cream which get mixed inside the mouth. The sensation is alternately hot and cool, bitter, sweet and creamy — a kaleidoscope of flavors and textures that you experience but only for a few passing seconds, teasing you take another sip, and another, and another…

The trick to a sensational coffee float is to combine good quality (and rather strong coffee) with an ice cream flavor that goes well with it. I like vanilla, almond, hazelnut…

The trick to an even more sensational coffee float is to drizzle hot caramel and chocolate over the ice cream.

Chocolate caramel coffee float

What kind of caramel? Salted caramel is especially good. But if it’s too much extra work to make salted caramel, you can melt toffee and milk until it becomes a thick syrup. Use a double boiler or the microwave.

Chocolate caramel coffee float

And what kind of chocolate? You can use store-bought chocolate syrup but if you want something even better, melt dark chocolate with milk. Again, use a double boiler or the microwave.

Chocolate Caramel Coffee Float
Prep Time
1 min
Total Time
1 min
Servings: 2
Author: Connie Veneracion
  • 3/4 cup freshly brewed coffee
  • 1 large scoop of ice cream (mine was vanilla)
  • 1 tablespoon (or more) of caramel syrup
  • 1 tablespoon (or more) of chocolate syrup
  1. Pour the hot coffee into a mug or cup.
  2. Carefully drop the scoop of ice cream into the hot coffee.
  3. Drizzle the caramel and chocolate syrups over the ice cream.
Recipe Notes

For the best coffee float experience, do not stir the ice cream into the coffee. Just swirl you mug or cup between sips and enjoy!

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