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Chili garlic sauce with ginger chili-garlic-sauce-with-gingerI like trying new things. We were doing our weekly grocery shopping several weeks ago when I saw this jar of chili garlic sauce with ginger on the shelf. The brand is unfamiliar although the combination of spices is something I’ve tried before. I bought one jar and I’ve used the sauce for dipping, marinade and seasoning for meat, vegetables and seafood. And the sauce worked wonders with all of them.

The obvious question is since the sauce uses very common ingredients, why not just use fresh garlic, ginger and chili? The thing about mixtures that have been allowed to sit for a while is how the flavors develop and blend over time. The sauce becomes richer and more full-bodied. A principle worth remembering especially since I can’t seem to find this chili garlic sauce with ginger anymore and I’ve searched for it in three supermarkets already. So I’m thinking there’s really no reason why I can’t mix my own sauce and let it sit for a day or two before using. It’s really just a matter of concocting the right proportions.

Anyway, making my own chili garlic sauce with ginger is something for another day. Coming up — braised beef and eggplants in chili garlic sauce with ginger.

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