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Chico tree

No, it’s not my chico tree. I took the photo about two years ago in a farm in Angono. I was there for a photo shoot but the surroundings interested me more.

So, the chico tree is not from my garden. I wouldn’t plant one in my garden because I don’t eat chico. Neither do my daughters. Speedy does, I think, although it’s not something he craves for.

Chico is Manilkara zapota, a tree that only grows in warm climate. It is also known as “Chico sapote, Zapote chico, Zapotillo, Chicle, Sapodilla plum [and] Naseberry.”

Why don’t I like chico? Same reason I don’t like durian. It’s the strong heady smell. “Amoy lasing,” was how my father used to describe chico. I don’t balk at the smell of alcohol or alcoholic beverages but the smell of chico is something else. In my mother-in-law’s house, if there’s a bowl of chico on the dining table, I could smell it all the way to the bedroom. Apparently, that strong smell is attractive to some people and it is part of the reason why they like chico. Well, everyone has preferences.

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