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Chicken Teriyaki With Bok Choy

Chicken Teriyaki With Bok Choy |

This chicken teriyaki with bok choy is a lesson on integrating vegetables in meat dishes.

Serving a vegetable side dish with a meat course is the most common way of adding vegetables to a meal. About ninety per cent of the time, it works. But there are instances when the flavors of the side dish and the meat dish clash. And, sometimes, if the meat dish is subtly flavored and it is not advisable to serve a vegetable side dish that will overpower the main course, the side dish ends up being bland and totally unappetizing.

What if the vegetables are added directly to the meat course making them an integral part of the dish? I did just that with chicken teriyaki today and the result was really, truly very satisfactory.

What I did was to cook my chicken teriyaki as usual. Then, I took about two tablespoonfuls of the teriyaki sauce (in which the chicken was marinated) and boiled it in a small frying pan for about three minutes until slightly reduced. I threw in the cut up bok choy (pechay for Filipinos), stalks ahead of the leaves for about a minute and let the bok choy cook in the teriyaki sauce. I added the sliced chicken, tossed everything together and sprinkled the dish with toasted sesame seeds (see how to dry toast sesame seeds in a pan) just before serving.

Chicken Teriyaki With Bok Choy

Great dish.

For another way of adding vegetables to chicken teriyaki, see the chicken teriyaki sandwich post.

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