Chicken, Duck & Turkey

Chicken and cheese on toasted bread cups chicken and cheese on toasted bread cupsSo the new schoolyear begins. And it’s back to solo lunches for me. I was debating whether to have a chicken sandwich with the usual lettuce and cucumber and tomato slices when but I decided I could be more creative. If my little experiment was succesful, I could even have the kids take something similar to school for their recess snack.

It is basically a sandwich. The filling goes between two slices of toasted bread. The modification is that the bread is toasted in a muffin pan after the filling is in place. Other than that’s, it’s just a sandwich, really. :)

Take about 6 slices of ordinary white bread. Stack four slices then place a large mug, upside down, on the topmost slice of bread. Press down then cut around the rim using a small serrated knife.

Take the remaining two slices of bread and place one on top of the other. Use a narrow drinking glass to cut smaller circles of bread. You can make four with just two slices of bread. Set the bread trimmings aside–you can make pudding out of them. Take the bigger circles of bread and press them lightly into muffin pans. DO not bake them yet.

Prepare the filling. I used a mixture of shredded boiled chicken breast meat, chopped carrots, celery and cheese (cut into small cubes). I tossed everything together and stirred in a tablespoonful of milk. You can season the filling lightly with salt and pepper–just remember that cheese is salty so you don’t want to go overboard with the salt.

Fill the prepared “crust” with the mixture. Arrange the smaller circles of bread on top to cover the filling. Brush some softened butter on the “cover” and the exposed parts of the “base”. Bake in a preheated 170oC oven for about 5-7 minutes or until the tops are lightly browned by which time, the cheese in the filling would have melted.

Serve with a light vegetable salad and enjoy. :)

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