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School lunch: chicken adobo fried rice

Originally published in House on a hill on February 1, 2006

I wonder if you’re familiar with the TV program called Jamie’s School Dinners. It is aired locally on Discovery Travel & Living Channel. I tried to follow the series religiously but I missed an episode or two. That was after the program’s schedule was moved from 10.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.

Jamie’s School Dinners is British chef Jamie Oliver’s campaign to get junk food out of public school cafeterias. I was flabbergasted at the the kind of processed junk public school kids are being fed in England. I was thinking that, in some twisted sense, we’re lucky. Because we are a Third World country where the cheapest food is still vegetables and rice, at least school canteens still offer natural and real food, not processed junk.

Anyway, that TV program inspired me enough to start a series of entries documenting my own kids’ packed school lunches. They could buy their lunch from the school canteen and that was really our agreement at the start of the school year. But… okay, they prefer home cooked food. It’s more work for me–and I’m not really a morning person–but we manage, somehow. chicken adobo fried rice

So, today’s school lunch was chicken adobo fried rice. I fried a scrambled egg and chopped it coarsely. I deboned the cooked chicken adobo to save the kids the trouble. Then, I cooked the fried rice, with lots of garlic, and when the rice was heated through, I just stirred in the chicken adobo meat and the chopped egg. Before closing the lunchboxes, I sprinkled the chicken adobo fried rice with chopped Chinese coriander.

Hopefully, I will have an extra few minutes each morning to take photos of my kids school lunch.

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