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Celery salt: what is it made of?

When Speedy was planning on making Ina Garten’s Bloody Mary, he couldn’t find celery salt in all the supermarkets he visited. And I wondered if we could make celery salt at home. We do love making herbed salt — why not celery salt?

So, I did a little research, thinking I could use dehydrated celery stalks. Seems not. celery salt

Celery salt is made with celery seeds and celery seeds are even harder to find than celery salt in this part of the world. So, when we chanced upon this jar of celery salt at The Landmark (TriNoma), we bought it. Huge mistake to buy only one — and a small one at that. We should have bought three. Or more.

I discovered later that celery salt is so, so very good for seasoning. I sprinkled some on chicken thigh fillets (see my crispy chicken sandwich recipe) and, oh, the difference it made. The aroma! The flavor!

If celery salt can do that for plain chicken fillet, I can only imagine how much it can enhance lamb or pork chops. Or even grilled fish fillets. In short, next time I see celery salt on the supermarket shelves, I’ll take a big jar. Or three or more small ones. I think I’ll hoard them.

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