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Candle-making and beaded jewelry

That’s Sam holding the candles she made. Rolled, to be more precise.

beeswax candles from Ilog Maria honeybee farm

We bought a beeswax candle making kit from Ilog Maria but it’s not the kind of kit that requires melting wax and all that messy stuff. The kit we bought contained sheets of beeswax and candle wicks.

beeswax candle making kit

It was just really a matter of rolling the sheet of beeswax around the wick to make a candle.

rolling a sheet of beeswax around a wick to make candles

Actually, it was Alex who asked me to buy the beeswax candle rolling kit. Sam wasn’t particularly interested although both of them are very much into crafts. But the candle making kit was just lying around forgotten for weeks until Sam took interest one afternoon. By the time Alex got wind of what was happening, there was nothing left for her to make. Sam made three candles in just a matter of minutes. Not too challenging unlike the beaded costume jewelry they made three summers ago.

My friends and I went gaga over plastic and crystal beads one summer. We would scour Divisoria Mall for beads and beading accessories. Sam and Alex caught the fever and, eventually, I had to buy a container for the beads and accessories.

plastic beads for making costume jewelry

plastic beads and accessories for making costume jewelry

I have actually posted these photos before but I can’t find them in any of my blogs. Am not sure if they were lost during the December 2005 disaster or I just forgot which blog I moved them to. But, anyway, below are some of the projects that the girls did.

lots of bead bracelets

I made the green bracelet in the photo above from jade beads my mother gave me a long time ago.

earrings - costume jewelry

beaded earrings

Sam made the earrings above. She never wore them though but gave them to me. I still have them. The metal parts have rusted but the beads still look great. I’m keeping them forever. Memories. :)

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