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Calphalon Hard Anodized Double Grill

Calphalon Hard Anodized Double Grill |

I love grilled food. Grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled pork… even grilled vegetables. But outdoor charcoal grilling requires too much work. I tried using an electric grill but the power consumption was astronomical. Result? We had been doing very little grilling during the past several months.

The sabbatical from home-grilled food was combined with a delicious anticipation, however. I had e-mailed my brother-in-law in Chicago and asked if he could buy a stove-top grill for me — the nice kind, not the crap that sell for P200 in supermarkets — and I would reimburse him when he and his family arrived for their once-every-three-years vacation in Manila. They arrived on August 1, they brought the Calphalon Hard Anodized Grill when they came over for dinner last Saturday, and… the surprise that made me smile from ear to ear? They gave it to me as a present.

Tonight, I used the grill for the first time. Dinner was grilled lamb chops and kani salad.

Just what is Calphalon?

I’ve seen Calpahlon cookware at Gourdo’s and Living Well and the prices were, well…

Calphalon is a brand of cookware and cutlery products owned by Newell Rubbermaid. Calphalon produces non-stick coated cookware similar to Teflon and stick-resistant surfaces made of hard-anodized aluminium. Calphalon pans feature either an aluminum core, which provides fast, even heating, or a stamp-forged aluminum disk to provide the additional heat dispersion. [Wikipedia]

I never really considered buying one. When I asked my brother-in-law to buy a stove-top grill for me, I showed him a web page with a sample of what I had in mind. Nothing as expensive as Calphalon. Little did I know that Calphalon has an inexpensive line called Kitchen Essentials. That’s what I got. An 11″x18″ Kitchen Essentials Hard Anodized Double Grill. I love it!

The grill fits over two burners. It can withstand very high temperatures so the meat is seared fast while the inside does not get overcooked. It can be washed with a mild detergent but I really recommend using hot water and mild detergent after grilling meat to remove all traces of fat.

Our consumption of cooking oil has already gone down tremendously because we haven’t fried meat nor chicken in months. It’s going to go down even more because we’re not going to fry fish anymore.

Tomorrow night, we’re having grilled tilapia. :)

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