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Calea’s S’more Cake

casaveneracion.com Calea's S'more Cake

Something delicious happened on the way to producing a play. Alex and her classmates were in the house, overnight, a couple of times over the past few weeks for some assistance with the production plan for a play they’re producing, the play being their thesis for their B.A. Technical Theater course. One of Alex’s classmates, Claire Consing, thanked us with a cake. A whole cake. I knew that Claire’s family owns a bakery in Bacolod City but I didn’t know until tonight her family owns Calea — that iconic institution in Bacolod famous for its cakes and pastries. What a treat. A whole cake from Calea. Thank you, Claire and family. We’re loving the cake so much.

casaveneracion.com Calea's S'more Cake

And just what kind of cake? I asked Alex to ask Claire. S’more cake. And s’more (or smore) is, of course, that campfire treat popular in North America — roasted marshmallow and chocolate between graham crackers.

But Calea’s S’more cake has much more than marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.

casaveneracion.com Calea's S'more Cake

Between the crushed graham cracker crust and the chocolate is a thick layer of mousse. So, that’s s’more and chocolate mousse in one cake. And that really makes Calea’s S’more cake a very rich confection. Slice judiciously into thin wedges and serve with coffee or milk to create a perfect foil for the sweetness.

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