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Butter – fried suman and ripe mangoes

When my in-laws came over on Sunday, they brought a huge bunch of suman and about two kilos of ripe mangoes. I was planning on serving them for dessert but it was a warm day and I suggested that my husband go out to buy some ice cream. The suman and mangoes did not get eaten until my in-laws have left and there were just us in the house. By 5.00 p.m., we were hungry and I decided we were going to have butter fried suman with cubes of sweet mangoes and cherry halves.

Why fry the suman? Well, because when the grains of rice turn crisp and puffy, the suman forms a crisp coating and the texture is transformed. Imagine biting into something crisp that turns moist and chewy and sticky as your teeth cut deeper into the suman. And the buttery taste…

And what’s the idea with the cherry halves? Ah, a whim, really. I bought a jar of cherries to bake a cake and, on impulse, I decided to take a few and use them to add color to the fried suman and mango cubes. I even drizzled a tablespoonful or so of the syrup over the suman and mangoes.

The result? You really have to try it. :grin:

To fry the suman, I suggest that you use a non-stick frying pan. The sticky suman has a nasty way of getting stuck at the bottom of a regular pan even will all that oil. Fry them over medium heat so as not to burn the butter before the suman turns puffy and golden.

For the mango cubes, cut both sides of each mango close to the stone at the center. Use a sharp pointed knife to cut square patterns on the mango flesh, much like drawing a board for playing tic tac toe. Then use a spoon to scoop out the mango squares.

Arrange two fried suman on a dish. Scatter the mango squares around them, add some cherry halves, and drizzle a tablespoonful of the cherry syrup over the mangoes.

Serve and enjoy. :)

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