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Bulalo Steak

casaveneracion.com Bulalo Steak

Bulalo is a cross cut of beef shank prized for the bone marrow. Traditionally cooked as a soup with vegetables (recipe and photo here), I wanted to try and cook it as a steak instead.

My original plan was to boil it until tender, then season the meat with kalamansi juice and soy sauce then serve it with onion rings a la bistek. Somewhere between the boiling and the seasoning, I changed my mind and decided to make a gravy and pour it all over the seasoned bulalo. My husband, carnivorous to the core, was very, very pleased indeed.

Ingredients :

a kilo of bulalo, slow-cooked until very tender
2-3 onions, cut into rings
1 head of garlic, finely minced
juice of 12-15 kalamansi
1/4 c. of soy sauce
1/2 c. of butter
2 tbsps. of flour
3-4 c. of beef broth
2-3 tbsps. of steak sauce

Cooking procedure :

Chill the bulalo before making this dish.

Melt 1/4 c. of butter in a heavy skillet. Saute the garlic until fragrant. Add the bulalo and brown both sides lightly. To prevent the bone marrow from falling off, cover the bone crevice with a piece of foil. Pour in a cup of broth. Add the kalamansi juice and soy sauce. Add salt if you did not do so when you cooked the bulalo earlier. Separate the onion rings and place on top of the meat. Cover; keep the heat low.

In a small sauce pan, melt the remaining butter. Add the flour, stirring continuously. Cook over medium heat until golden brown in color. Pour in the remaining broth, little by little to make a fairly thick gravy. Season with steak sauce (you may need to add salt if your broth is unseasoned).

With a large slotted spoon, careflly lift the bulalo and onion rings from the skillet and transfer to a serving platter. Turn up the heat and pour the gravy into the remaining broth. Stir to blend. Simmer for a minute then pour over the bulalo.

Serve at once.

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