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Buko – melon and buko – pandan yema balls

casaveneracion.com Buko-melon and buko-pandan yema balls

My 11-year-old (younger) daughter had been asking that we make some yema balls again. She so enjoyed making them about a month ago that she had been going on and on and on… I wasn’t planning on saying yes today. Still feel a bit down after the flu. Besides, older daughter is still down with the flu and it just seems that there’s so much to do (laundry has piled up, for one). But younger daughter looked at me with those pleading eyes and promised she’d clean up afterwards. I relented. Since we made twice as much yema balls than the last time, I suggested we add flavoring to some. She agreed but insisted on melon and pandan flavors only. Wise, really, since with the coconut cream powder added to the original yema balls recipe, we effectively came up with buko-melon and buko-pandan yema balls this time.

I didn’t change anything from the basic recipe. I just set aside two half-cupfuls of the mixture and added bottled flavorings to them. I added a few drops of melon flavor to one part and pandan flavor to the other. Since the melon flavor was already colored, there was no need to add food coloring. The pandan flavor, however, was transparent so I had to add a few drops of green food coloring.

Click here for the basic yema balls recipe.

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