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Broccoli and potatoes frittata

There is actually a story behind the short title of this entry. The night I was cooking this frittata, my younger daughter Alex was in the kitchen chatting via YM using the pullout table in the customized kitchen cabinet (if you want a more visual approach, see the photos in the kitchen cabinet entry in my other blog). She was chatting and watching the cooking at the same time. When she saw the frittata slowly getting assembled, she asked what it was called. I said, “Something.”

She sighed (in exasperation, I’m sure) and said, “When my classmates ask me what I have in my lunchbox, I always say I don’t know — don’t your dishes have proper names?”

I replied, “Oh, just tell them it was your mother’s invention.” And, with that, she rolled her eyes and went back to her YM.

I normally try to make blog titles (and recipe names) as descriptive as possible — without inventing terms that no one’s ever heard of. That’s the thing about recipes, food blogging and search engines. A lot of people search by ingredients so unless a dish already has a traditional name, I pick the most important ingredients and use them for the title.

That said, this is a side dish that accompanied the fried danggit — not dried salted danggit but fresh — that we had for dinner last Saturday. The base is made with thinly sliced potatoes which were topped with broccoli florets, slivers of belly bacon, onions and two kinds of cheeses — a low-fat cheese spread and grated quickmelt cheese. broccoli and potatoes frittata with bacon and cheese

Ingredients :

1 large (or two small) heads of broccoli
about 50 grams of belly bacon
1 white onion
2 large potatoes
3 eggs
3 tbsps. of butter
half a cup of grated quickmelt cheese
6-8 tsps. of cheese spread

Cooking procedure :

Wash the broccoli, cut into florets and drain well.

Cut the bacon as thinly as you can.

Peel the onion and chop (fine or coarse, it’s up to you).

Peel the potatoes and slice thinly (about 1/4-inch thick is ideal).

Heat the butter in a non-stick frying pan. Over medium heat, fry the potatoes until lightly browned. Do this in batches, flipping them over for even browning.

In the remaining butter, fry the bacon (how crisp depends on your preference). Then, add the chopped onion and the broccoli florets. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for a few minutes or just until the broccoli is cooked through but still crisp. Transfer the bacon, onion and broccoli to a bowl.

Turn the heat to low. Arrange the fried potatoes in a single layer on the bottom of the frying pan. Season with salt and pepper. Scatter the bacon and broccoli mixture evenly on top of the potatoes.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and pour over the potatoes, bacon and broccoli.

Drop the teaspoonfuls of cheese spread into the frittata, spacing them as evenly as you can. Sprinkle with the grated cheese. Cover and cook until the eggs are set and the cheeses are melted.

Note: If your frying pan can go straight into the oven, you can cook th frittata on the stove top until the eggs are partially set then transfer it, in the pan, to a preheated oven preferably with a grill setting. That way, the top and bottom will brown nicely while the inside stays soft.

Pair your frittata with fried or grilled fish, pork, chicken or lamb and you’ve got yourself a wonderful meal.

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