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Breakfast in bed and a dozen roses

I don’t normally get up before nine o’clock in the morning but Speedy came into the room with a breakfast tray and I didn’t want the coffee to get cold. So, I sat up and ate the bowl of cereals with sliced fresh strawberries. There was juice to go with it. Afterwards, while sipping the coffee, I wondered why Speedy was dressed up. He was nonchalant and said he had to do something outside.

We watched a replay of a No Reservations episode — Anthony Bourdain in Venice which we’ve seen at least three times but, what the heck, it’s one of the show’s best episodes. Then, I got up and went up to my study.

And I found a dozen roses on the side table. In shades of red and pink. And that was why Speedy was dressed up so early. He had gone out to buy the flowers.

The lone peach rose was the prettiest.

I don’t get roses everyday from my husband. But it’s my birthday today.

So, that means I take a rest from the cooking. Speedy’s making risotto for lunch. Later, we’ll pick up the girls and we’ll all have dinner together.

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